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Donovan Engineer's "Woody" talks about the advantages of using modern Mastercam CAD/CAM technology to create billet aluminum blocks.

Donovan Engineering Priority Oiling Small Block

"Woody" talks to Bob Santoro about the new Priority Oiling small block.

Beautiful milling is shown in lifter galley.

Cam lubrication is discussed, and Woody stuns Bob with a needle bearing secret.

Donovan Engineering HC400 Small Block Chevy

After a product shoot at our facility, "Lister Bob" Santoro got Norman "Woody" Woodruff to chat about some amazing features of the new Lightweight HC400 block.

Those who grew up in the musclecar era already know about these coveted Donovan blocks. In case you missed it, this clip offers a little insight into the design philosophy that led this mill into the winners circle more times than not.

Bob growls in disbelief when Woody reveals the oiling secrets of needle cam bearing design.

Priority oiling is also covered along with the advantage running of a tall deck. Beautiful close ups of the CNC millwork is shown in great detail. Woody even discloses the reasoning behind the clever sleeve flange design that keeps things in place.

It's a Zen-like revelation, and even Woody could hear the monks chant...though he tries to ignore it.;-)

Donovan Engineering's Legendary 417 Hemi

"Woody" talks about our new bottom-end design that combats Top Fuel's most common failure: thrown rods. Close ups show a clever, modular girdle that cuts downtime between runs, and drop-in sleeves continue to offer ultra-quick repairs for cylinder bore failures.

The insider's "cement trick" is discussed with Bob Santoro, and main-cap hard anodizing brings to light how dissimilar materials can be used successfully in this high-stress environment.

Ever popular in Vintage Drag Racing circles today, this 160-lb block continues to set records and dominate the scene across the nation at these events. With this new upgrade, the venerable 417 Legend lives on.

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